Oh, it’s week 4 already? I guess I’ve been living in Japan for a month now. That’s cool…

Wait, whaaaaaa? Really? A FULL MONTH? Wow. Feels like I got here yesterday. Only I didn’t. I got here 4 weeks ago. And 4 weeks equals a month. And a month equals OMG-I-CAN’T-BELIEVE-THIS-IS-REAL. Actually, every day equals that. Lol!

Aight, I got stuff to do, let’s get to my highlights, lowlights, and goals for next week:



I FOUND AN アパート! Yes, it’s true! It only took a month (on the LITERAL day I moved here), but I FINALLY have a permanent place to live. Does this mean my prayers from last week worked? Maybe… Maybe they did? ありがとう APARTMENT GODS!!!!!!!!!

Seriously, though – I’m SOOOOO relieved to finally have a place to crash at night. For the first time since I’ve been here, I’ll get to experience what it’s like to REALLY live in Japan. Because the past month has been this weird hybrid of vacation & permanency. Sure, I’m here for the long run, but because I’ve been living out of a suitcase and haven’t been able to do my daily routines (morning smoothie, working out, etc.) my life has been in this bizarro vacation-y mode… Just without the vacation. Fun for a little bit, but now I’m ready to settle. AND NOW I CAN! Phew.

Oh, and I ended up getting a place EXACTLY where I wanted to live. The location is perfect! Of course, my place is stupidly humble, but that’s totally cool with me! After getting rejected from the first 2 places I looked at (and having next-to-no options to begin with), I’m SUUUUUUPER fortunate this place accepted me. Apparently my landlord is super famous and owns a company or something. I think she does art as well? She apparently loves New York, too (good thing I used to live there, so we’ll have that in common!). But so thankful she let me rent her place even though I’m a foreigner and I’m starting my own business. I’ll do a video showing off my place soon. Gotta move in first! AHH!


Went to my first New Japan Pro Wrestling show. Super, super fun despite the fact I was MAD TIRED and started dozing off during the main event. This is why I’m happy to get an apartment! I’ll be able to go to bed and wake up at normal hours again. And not get woken up by ALARMS THAT WON’T TURN OFF. Or snoring. Or people watching anime WITHOUT the provided headphones. I can’t believe I slept in a manga cafe for 2 weeks. Thankfully, those days are over!

My site is 99.9% done! Yep, I’m sooooooo close to opening up shop. Payments (seem) to be working. Design is done. Bought a printer to print out shipping labels. It’s all coming together. Just a couple of lingering things that I’m waiting on, but I reckon I’ll be able to flip the switch within the next week or so. Can’t. Wait.



Japan has SO MANY PROCESSES. I mean, it’s great they’re so organized and thorough, but man… It can be a drag sometimes! For instance, when I signed my apartment papers today, I literally had to sign FIVE different copies of the same document. FIVE! I thought it was a joke. My sequence of emotions went like this: Sign this one? OK. Sign this one, too? Sure! Sign another one? Sure, why not? Oh, there’s another one you want me to sine? Fine, fine – here you go. Wait… I’M STILL NOT DONE? HOW MANY MORE DO YOU WANT ME TO SIGN? Just this is the last one? Oh, OK! Lol!

Learning a new language is HARD. Big shocker, I know. But Japanese is not easy. Some days in class are pretty brutal, but I’m not gonna quit. Nope. I will screw up my particles until the end (is it で? に? と? SO HARD!).

Next Week’s Goals

Move all my crap into my new place. This, and I also need to get a fridge and a washer (apartments here don’t come with these).


Meet my Instagram friend at Tokyo Disney Sea: So get this: I followed a bunch of rad Japanese Disney photographers on Instagram before I moved here and one of them asked me to hangout at the park one day. At the time she asked, I hadn’t moved to Japan yet (lol!), but now that I’m here, we’re finally gonna meet up! Super stoked to meet a native fan to learn more about how the Japanese interact with Disney (I have a bunch of presumptions, but it’ll be good to hear it straight from a super fan).

Get back into the routine: Gymbo, morning smoothie, weekly boba. Y’know, the usual!

STUDY JAPANESE. I’ve been putting this off because I’ve been so exhausted, but now that I have a place, I can dedicate more time to this.

(Maybe) Open shop? We shall see!

Aight, that’s it! See ya らいしゅう!