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1 Year in Japan: Still Not Dead — September 13, 2018

1 Year in Japan: Still Not Dead

Oh, hi! 👋🏼 Remember me? I’m the dude with a dream who left everything behind in America last year to move to Japan to sell cute crap to people. And here we are 1 year later: still not dead.


Yep, that’s right – I’ve successfully lived in Japan for 1 full calendar year. Wait, I have? Holy crap! No need to brag or anything, but where is my medal? Trophy? Pat on the back? Hell, I’ll take anything! Just kidding. I don’t need anything. At all. Well, except money. I need that. Actually, just send me money. Lots of it. Preferably in large bags ($ signs optional). Just kidding again. I’m fine. Really… Did I mention I have a Pateron account?

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Last Blog: 7 Month Evolution — June 1, 2018

Last Blog: 7 Month Evolution


OMG! I’m writing another blog? I AM writing another blog. AHH!

And I won’t be writing a blog next week. Yeppers. No more blogs after this week. Why? Um, duh! No one (besides you, of course) reads this crap. And I decided I want to make better use of my time, and that means spending my Fridays doing something more productive than blabbering nonsense to utter silence. Except for pins dropping. I drop so many pins. Ever heard a pin drop? SO. GODDAMN. LOUD.

Don’t worry, though – I got other creative endeavors in mind, some that will take up WAY MORE time than this. Well, if they ever come to fruition. Who needs free time (I do!)? Not me (I don’t?). But I do need more time to adapt to life here (that we can agree on!). In the short time I’ve been here, I’ve noticed myself slowly shedding some of my American sensibilities in favor of some Japanese ones. Let’s get into it!

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The Price of Minimalism — May 25, 2018

The Price of Minimalism

OMG! I’m writing another blog? I AM writing another blog. AHH!

Yeppers. That’s right – I just said, “yeppers.” Don’t know why. It just came out. Don’t judge! I bet you say stupid words, too. We all do. Like this: dudical. Yeppers, you read that right: DUDICAL. That’s my favorite made-up word. Combines my 2 favorite words: dude & radical. If you think I made that up now, you’re a bonafide butt burger. Yeppers, butt burger. Another one. What’s a butt burger? Uh, you, dork-a-saurus. Everyone knows a butt burger is a dork-a-saurus who’s dudically undudical. Thankfully, I’m dutifully dudical to the max-o-rama.

I’m also immaterialistic. Only recently, though. I’ve yapped about this in a previous blog. Remember that one? Of course you don’t! We’ve established your butt is a burger. And burger butts don’t remember blogs from several weeks ago. Especially ones written by me. But I remember. Spoiler alert: My business cured my materialistic addiction. And I’m realizing that’s left me feeling EMPTY. Yeppers. I’ll explain why. Let’s get into it!

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Late to Winter: Season 7 — May 22, 2018
Late to Winter: Season 6 — May 21, 2018
Top 5 Things I Miss About ‘Murrica — May 18, 2018

Top 5 Things I Miss About ‘Murrica

OMG! I’m writing another blog? I AM writing another blog. AHH!

Oh yeah. The words? They’re coming. You ready for this shit? Prepare yourself. Strap on your seatbelt. Put on your helmet. Turn off the oven. Delete your browser history. Hide yo kids, hide yo wife. Cue “It’s the End of the World as We Know It (And I Feel Fine),” ’cause here they come:


Wow. I mean, wow. Shit. Wow. Shit-wow, wow. Shit. Wow-shit, wow, shit, shit-wow, shit. Wow.


So this week I was thinking about if I miss home. I mean, it’s been 6+ months since I moved to Japan. Surely, I miss it a little bit, right? Well, let’s find out.

Me: Michael, do you miss home?

Michael: I dunno, you ask me, me.

Me: I am, dumbass!

Michael: Oh! Lol. Ah, hell nah, dawg.

Me: Not even a little bit?

Michael: Nope. But I do conveniently miss 5 things.

Me: Wow! That’s just enough to write a blog.

Michael: A listicle, if you will.

Me: Words.

Michael: Wow.

Me: Shit.

Michael: Wow-shit, wow.

Me: Totes.

With that said, this week’s blog is gonna cover the 5 things I miss about ‘Murrica. Let’s get into it!

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Late to Winter: Season 5 — May 14, 2018
Beginning of the Month Blues — May 11, 2018

Beginning of the Month Blues

OMG! I’m writing another blog? I AM writing another blog. AHH!

Yep, I’m back for the attack. Not a physical attack, though. Ouch! This isn’t an episode of Game of Thrones. I’m not going to slit your throat. Or chop off your head. Or force you to fight a bear. Actually, I may do that. But only a cute bear. Like this little guy.


Seriously – why are you so SCARED, BEAR? It’s just a baby lion. Calm the the hell down. Jesus.

I shouldn’t be talking, though, because at the beginning of every month, I AM THAT BEAR. New month? OMG!!!!!

Not joking. That’s the topic of my blog this week: the FEAR of FAILING every month. Let’s get into it!  Continue reading

Late to Winter: Season 4 — May 9, 2018
Late to Winter: Season 3 — May 6, 2018