Every time I write this weekly update, I’m always impressed with how long I’ve been here. Six weeks? How many days is that? Hmm… Let’s see… There’s how many days in a week? 10? 4? 34? Crap. Ah, I give up. I’ve been here a while, OK? Let’s just leave it at that. Until next week when I’m impressed again and then try a second time to figure it out. Only to fail. Again. Broken record, I am. Talk like Yoda, I do.

So… What happened this week? Shit. A lot, I think? Hopefully I’ll remember. Let’s get to my highlights, lowlights, and goals for next week!



I got a washer! Yes, I can now do my own laundry. Finally! Although I kinda regret buying the washer used off Craigslist. Sure, it was super cheap (and they delivered it!), but, man, they didn’t take good care of it. That thing was nassssssty. The lint filter? NIGHTMARES. It took me a good half a day to clean it. Ugh. But, hey, I can’t complain too much. I CAN WASH MY CLOTHES! This seriously excites me. If only my washer tray could support a washer/dryer combo. ONE DAY!


Hanging out Tokyo Disneyland/DisneySea with my new friend. I talked about her last week. She’s the best. So knowledgable of Disney; I’ve learned SOOOOOO much from her in the past week. It’s insane. TWO TIMES this week I waited in line with her before the park opened. To give you some context, to do this, I had to wake up at, oh, y’know, FIVE AM. And we arrived at Tokyo Disney at SIX THIRTY AM only to wait 1.5 HOURS to get in. And y’know what? I LOOOOVED IT. Soooo fun!


On Tuesday, we hit up DisneySea and waited in line to get front row standing seats for the Halloween-themed Villains show. Holy crap was this show amazing! Y’see, at Tokyo DisneySea, there’s this big-ass moat area in the center of the park that lets the shows do some really wacky stuff. For instance, for this villains show, each villain had their own THEMED BOAT. It was nuts! And there were like 50+ dancers doing a bunch of dance-y stuff. Just insane.


Afterwards, we attended another Halloween-themed show, but this one was a little simpler; basically, it’s a fashion show starring the minions of 2 Disney villains (ex: Jafar, Maleficent, Ursula, etc.). When I say minion, basically imagine an evil (yet REALLY attractive) person who dresses like the villain they work for. Each minion has a special pose and during the show, they choose TWO people from the audience to go up to the front and do their pose with them. Well, turns out… I GOT SELECTED!! AHHHH! So crazy! Luckily, they let Manae go up with me to be my translator (phew!). Apparently, she told me they almost never choose a foreigner nor do they let multiple people go up to the front, so they bended the rules for us. So rad!


Luckily, I only had to introduce myself and tell everyone where I was from. When I said “San Francisco,” the whole crowed gasped! It was hilarious! And I got paired with Scar’s minion. Sooooo… Scar’s minion? Oh-my-my… She touched my hand! I almost feinted. Lol. But yeah – that was too fun. It’s really awesome to share a passion with someone. And it’s giving me a taste of what life can be like here if I find someone like her who has the same interests as me. Yeah… ONE DAY x 2 (maybe?)!



I’m still working out payment logistics. Uhh… You’d think I’d figure this out by now, especially with me announcing the opening of my shop NEXT WEEK (ahh!). Ooooooh boy! Nah, it’s all good. I think we got it sorted out. I SHOULD know by tomorrow if everything is working OK. I’m confident it’ll work out. If not, I can always panic and then run around waving my arms. That’s always good times to be had!


The weather sucks. The rain! MAKE IT STOP! Please…. I BEG OF… Oh… It stopped? Sweet! But, man – last week was brutal. Nonstop rain every day. But today? SUPER sunny. Please stay, sun! You’re the best.

Next Week’s Goals

Open up shop! It’s happening, folks… NOVEMBER 1. No turning back now. I’m SUPER nervous but also SUPER excited. I hope it works out well. Because if not… Uhh… Yeah… Let’s not think about that! Lulz.

Spend more time at Tokyo Disney. Yes, this a real goal! Sadly, Manae is busy all next month, so I’ll be going back to visiting the parks solo. Looking forward to finally riding the new Nemo ride. Been long enough!

Aight, that’s it! See ya らいしゅう!