Back with some more random Game of Thrones thoughts. I watched this half-asleep, so I may have missed a few (i.e., all) things. Here we go!



Season 1, Episode 3:

  • 3 episodes in and I’m already crazy confused who is related, boning, and/or fighting each other. If they all had a giant orgy, I wouldn’t question it. Unless there was no dicks. Then I would.
  • No Harry Potter Reject (HPR) this episode? Good.
  • I like LOTR. He’s my favorite human so far. Besides Hunger Girl. She’s the best.
  • Why is the Ugly Elf all angry at Dragon Girl? I don’t get it. They’re brother and sister? Huh? OK.
  • I’m watching the English version with Japanese subtitles, so the foreign languages are also subtitled in Japanese. That means I have NO IDEA what the eyeliner tribe are saying. Probably for the better; wouldn’t have understood in English anyways.
  • Is Hunger Girl the medieval equivalent of Hit-Girl from Kick-Ass? Because I’m 100% cool with that.
  • So lemme get this straight: They’ve built a WALL to keep out the DANGEROUS FOREIGNERS from the┬áPRIVILEGED white people? Does that mean the ice zombies are an allegory for MEXICANS? Dude.
  • Is Surfer Knight boning the wife of the Fat King? I’m so confused.
  • Kid falls from Rapunzel’s tower. No scratches. No bruises. But breaks his legs? I guess I’m cool with that.
  • Kid randomly wakes up but doesn’t remember Surfer Knight pushed him to his not-so-inevitable death? Oh, that’s convenient.
  • Dragon Girl is already preggo? Please tell me she births a dragon baby. Please. PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE! …Please.
  • Not-Orlando-Bloom (NOB) is a good fighter. Lemme guess: He fights more? I’m calling it now!

OK, that’s it. Thanks for reading.